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Babymoon Vacations

Best Babymoon Vacations (part 1)!

Being single with without kids, I hadn’t heard about the concept of the “babymoon” until a recently pregnant friend, Wendy, told me about it. She explained that when she and her husband got married they didn’t have enough time (or money) for a proper honeymoon, but now that they are a bit older and have some money put aside, they figured it was now or never, as the baby would be coming in 7 short months! This totally makes sense, as, like Wendy and her husband, Mark, many newlyweds are putting off their honeymoons. So, it’s a thing now.

Don’t get me wrong, I think babies are great. Heck, I used to be one! But, based on my informal observations of friends and family who’ve had them, they will forever and irrevocably alter your life in profound and unexpected ways.


Minivans and Bickering Kids

One of the ways in which your life will change forever is the nature of your vacations. Once your baby is born (and for the next 18 years), your trips and getaways will take on a significantly different vibe. Want proof? Just think back to your childhood vacations. I remember mine, and while they were fun for us kids, I know they were completely devoid of romance, peace or quiet for my parents! Indeed, it’s hard to conjure up romance whilst driving two quarreling kids in the back of a minivan with the soundtrack to the Lion King on full blast.


Last Chance for Romance!

So, yes, I understand the importance of getting in that last child-free vacation! This is your last chance for romance and relaxation before your world changes–the last chance for a romantic dinner for two, instead of cooking for three. In short, a babymoon is a great chance to have a fabulous vacation before contending with diapers, crying and sleepless nights!

With all that in mind, I’ve come up with a list of great babymoon destinations that are perfect for that pre-baby getaway!

Babymoon VacationsArawak Beach Inn; Anguilla, British West Indies

This amazing getaway spot is tailor-made for a babymoon! This tropical local with its perfect turquoise water is the epitome of romance. But what makes it ideal for babymooners is you get the use of your own private island for one whole day! While there, staff will bring you a picnic lunch and as many pickles and much ice cream as your heart’s desire! This is a definite babymoon gem!


Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans

Babymoon VacationsIf jazz and great food is your thing, this is definitely the destination for you! This Waldorf Astoria hotel provides full-service prenatal spa and in-room massage. The hotel is a wonderful place to rest and relax, with its 24-hour room service and live entertainment. Grab yourself a mocktail and enjoy!


Babymoon Vacations

Lucknam Park Hotel and Spa, Bath, England

Even the name of the city that the Lucknam Hotel is in sounds relaxing! However, this perfect babymoon hotel offers much more than just any old bath! Here you can bathe in naturally hot spa waters in the original Roman-style! The hotel is situated on 500 acres of gorgeous manicured parkland. You’ll feel totally relaxed whether you partake in the natural hot springs or the hotel ’s indoor and outdoor hydrotherapy pools, and five thermal cabins and salt water plunge pool!

Stay Tuned!

There are many more great babymoon destinations that I’ll cover in a future blog post! For now, I’ll leave you to dream about these incredible choices!

Before you Go: Safety First

Before you book your trip, please remember to consult your physician if you are traveling while pregnant and make sure you have all the right vaccines. Also, please check that the destination is free of certain viruses, such as Zika and others that may be harmful if you are traveling during your pregnancy.

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Unique Hotels from Around the World

Pertussis - have you received your booster?

Sleeping Outside of the Box – Unique Hotels from Around the World

Every summer, my dad would get his green Ford Econoline Van ready for our family’s month-long road trip through the United States. Part of the fun of these trips was avoiding the freeways, and, instead, opting for the smaller highways and backroads. This was back in the early 80’s; a time before Walmart descended into small-town America and the corporate homogenization process began to transform and conform the landscape.

I have many indelible memories of stopping at the various motels and hotels after a long day’s drive. Each edifice was wonderfully unique, imaginative, whimsical and playful.

To be clear, we’re not talking about 5-star establishments, but what these places lacked in sophistication, they more than made up for in originality and non-conformity! I miss those days, and sadly, many of these mom and pop operations have long since shut their doors. However, there seems to be a resurgence of unique hotels and lodging, as many people are tiring of the standard issue hotels, which lack a sense of fun and adventure.


Some Unique Picks

Part of the fun of traveling is not only where you go, but where you stay! With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of amazing one-of-a-kind hotels that you’re sure to want to check off your travel bucket list! Some are high-end and some are budget-friendly, but all of them are worth visiting!


The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Our first selection takes us the farthest from Vancouver! This resort has an Underwater Room! It’s a three-level floating structure. You can dive into the perfect azure water from the roof of the building, or relax in the below-sea-level bedroom, where you’ll encounter a wide array of sea-life, such as Trumpet Fish and octopus! Let’s just say, if you stay at the Manta Resort, you’ll always rememba’ Pemba!


Book and Bed, Tokyo, Japan

This hostel in Tokyo is about as different as you can get from The Manta Resort! It’s literally a book lover’s heaven! Instead of having your own private room, guests sleep in cozy little cubbies hidden behind bookshelves. While it may not be luxurious or upscale, lacking the comforts of a higher-end hotel, it is a great place to meet fellow bookworms and have a truly unique experience! Imagine sleeping overnight in a funky used bookstore! While staying at this hostel, you’ll have the chance to read many stories, and leave having a few of our own to tell! If you’re planning on visiting Tokyo and reading is your thing, you’ll want to “book” this hostel for sure!


Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Staying at this hotel will have you flying high! Guests of this wonderfully original hotel can stay the night in a refurbished and repurposed 1965 Boeing 727, that now serves as a luxury two-bedroom guesthouse. The converted 727 boasts both jungle and ocean views, and rests on  50-foot-tall supports, giving the impression that the plane is about to take off into the sky! You’ll be comfortable in the plane, as it’s air-conditioned and each room has its own bathroom! If you love aviation, or just love unique spaces, this should be on your list!


Skip the Generic

The next time you’re planning a trip, you may want to skip the generic chains, and opt, instead, for something a little more interesting! It’s a great way to create lasting memories and also up your Instagram game!

Before you travel, protect your health.

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