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Road Trip Ready?

Road Trip Ready?

Are You Road Trip Ready?

The moment Henry Ford’s first Model T rolled off the assembly line, car culture captured America’s imagination. It was the ultimate symbol of freedom, as people could now travel across the continent in a way never before accessible to them.

On the Road Again

It wasn’t long before the lure of the open road called, siren-like, beckoning the populace to traverse the country, resulting in the mythologizing of the, now classic, “road trip” experience–an concept immortalized and romanticized in songs, Jack Kerouac poems and a myriad of films, such as Easy Rider, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Thelma and Louise.

No Tragic Endings

While these films are all classic road trip movies, none of them end particularly well! Who can forget the condition of the Griswald’s Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon at the end of the movie–and that’s nothing compared to the ending of Thelma and Louise! Which leads us to the topic of this week’s blog–road trip safety!

Before You Explore

The road trip is certainly an exciting way to travel, as it gives you a more intimate travel experience–the ability to discover the nooks and crannies of the country that just can’t be evinced any other way. How else could you see the biggest ball of twine in the world, or try the greasiest chicken-fried steak! However, before you stack the luggage on the roof rack and choose your road trip tunes, we suggest taking a look at some handy safety road trip tips!

Maintenance Check!

Before leaving for longer road trips, we highly recommend taking your car to a trusted auto mechanic for a full inspection. The last thing you want is car trouble in the middle of nowhere! Make sure to get all fluid levels checked, especially the engine oil. It’s also best to make sure your tires have a healthy level of tread and the battery is in good shape.

In Case of Emergency

As the Boy Scouts say, “Always be Prepared.” It’s essential to have an emergency kit with you before you head out on the road. Some essential items are:

● Flashlight
● Jumper Cables
● Water
● Flares
● Blankets
● Extra batteries
● Cell phone charger
● Tire jack and spare tire
● Non-perishable snacks

Take Shifts

Many accidents occur as a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. In order to prevent this dangerous situation, share the driving with your traveling companion. If you’re traveling alone, be sure to take plenty of breaks. Getting out of the car, getting some fresh air and a snack is best. If you feel yourself getting drowsy at the wheel, pull over at the nearest rest stop to refresh yourself, or take a nap if necessary!

Share Your Itinerary

Before you drive off, be sure to share your itinerary with a friend or family member. If you divert from your plan, it’s best to keep them updated via text or email. Make sure they know the make, model and license plate number of your car as well.

Safe Travels!

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Thrifty Travels!

Thrifty Travels!

Thrifty Travels! (part 2)

Traveling is one of the great joys of life. There are so many incredible experiences to be had, people to meet and cultures in which to immerse oneself. The only drawback is that sometimes those trips can put some major wear and tear on the wallet! However, it’s possible to take those dream trips without having to take out a second mortgage on your home. With a little creativity, pre-planning and resourcefulness, you can save hundreds on your vacations. Of course, this means you may not be able to travel like the Clooney’s or Beyonce and Jay-Z, but that doesn’t mean your experience can’t be just as fun and, perhaps, even more meaningful. We’ve compiled some helpful travel budget hacks that we hope you’ll find helpful! If you love traveling and like saving money, you may want to read on!

Travel Off Season

When my friend retired from teaching, I asked her what the best part of retirement was. She didn’t skip a beat, and said, “I can finally travel off season!” Indeed, traveling during peak times can be very expensive, as everything from flights to car rentals go up in price! A great way to avoid these high prices is planning to travel off-season. You’ll be amazed at how much lower the prices for flights and hotels are (and almost everything else)!

One thing to keep in mind is that not all countries share the same off-season times. So, when you decide on which part of the world you’re going to visit, you’ll want to do a little google research to find this out. A bonus to traveling during the off-peak times is that there are fewer tourists around, providing you with a more authentic travel experience. I recently visited Paris in January, and it was such a joy to be able to walk right into galleries and museums that during peak times would be at least an hour or two wait!

Avoid the Traps!

Whether you’re traveling during peak times or not, one thing you can always do is avoid the touristy areas. In these places, everything is more expensive! I’m not suggesting you bypass iconic places altogether. If it’s your first time in New York City, for example, you’ll want to visit Times Square and The Statue of Liberty, but I’d highly recommend not eating or shopping in those areas, as you’ll pay far more than you should!

Memories Over Money

At the risk of sounding preachy, I would suggest curtailing the shopping and collecting fabulous and meaningful memories instead! The most indelible memory I have of my visit to NYC was not shopping for expensive items on 5th Avenue, but rather a spur-of-the-moment picnic in Central Park eating the most amazing bagels and locks bought from the world-famous Zabars! So, unless you want to travel like the Kardashians (not me!) I would forgo excess shopping and opt for memory making!

Book Ahead!

It’s a general truth that the earlier you book your flights, hotels, transportation and car rentals, the cheaper their rates are. Don’t be a last-minute Lucy! Book ahead and save!

Before you travel, protect your health.

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