Visit our clinics for a pre-travel consultation and receive vaccines to protect your health.
TravelSafe addresses all your travel needs in one visit.

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Step 1:

Book your appointment

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Step 2:

Get professional consultation

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Step 3:

Receive recommended vaccines


We provide all your pre-travel needs.

Yellow Fever vaccine designated site


Consultations in person, or remotely

Vaccinations administered on site

Prescriptions ready for pick up within 24 hours

High quality travel supplies available

Mosquito-Borne Diseases

Malaria is caused by 4 types of Plasmodium parasites. It is spread by infected mosquitos that generally bite from dusk to dawn.

Chikungunya, dengue and zika are viruses spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a potentially serious viral infection spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.


Contaminated food and water can cause travelers’ diarrhea and other diseases.

Travelers visiting the tropics are exposed to significant illnesses that are transmitted by mosquitoes and other insects.

Bacteria are the most common cause of TD, accounting for 80-90% of TD.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is caused by insufficient adaptation to the low oxygen pressure at high altitude.

Useful Tips for Travellers

TravelSafe Immunization Clinic

These are the essential items that, if you only had the clothes on your back, you would manage.

Pre-Travel Consultations

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We are a one-stop travel clinic:

  • Each appointment includes a consultation with our Registered Nurses or doctor with over 15 years experience providing the latest information on health-associated risks for clients to all destinations in the world
  • The consultation is catered to your itinerary and health history
  • Vaccines are administered at your on-site appointment
  • We will arrange your travel prescriptions ready for pick up within 24 or less
  • We are a public health yellow fever vaccine designated site

After your initial consultation, there is no consultation fee for appointments made to complete your vaccine series’.  You will simply pay for the vaccine(s) only.

A consultation is required if you are travelling to a country with risk of yellow fever.

Please allow 30-60 mins for your appointment.  We recommend you review our vaccine price list before your appointment.

To prepare for your consultation, download your Client Intake Form here, complete sections A and C only, and bring it to your appointment or email it to

  • Note: MSP does not cover travel related consultations and vaccines.
    Single traveller $50.00 per person
    Single traveller, existing client (new destination) $45.00 per person
    2 travellers $45.00 per person
    3 – 4 travellers $40.00 per person
    5 or more travellers $35.00 per person
    Medical School Preparation $50.00 per person
    School prep or immigration consultation fee $50.00
    TB skin test $55.00
    Vaccine booster appointment price of vaccine only
    An administration fee will apply for certain vaccines $25.00

    To prepare for your consultation:
      1. Download your Client Intake Form here
      2. Complete sections A and C only
      3. Bring it to your appointment or email it to

Travel Health for Specific Destinations

Central America
South America
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To arrange an appointment please call 604. 251-1975. or book now.

Our telephone hours are M-F 9:00am-5:00pm. Appointment times are arranged to suit your schedule
and may be booked outside the hours listed below.

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