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Mobile Concierge Service

TravelSafe Clinic offers a concierge mobile COVID-19 testing and immunization experience for travel and occupational purposes.  A Registered Nurse will come to your location to administer vaccinations and provide PCR/NAAT COVID-19 testing required for work or international travel. 


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We will book your pre-travel telephone consultation with a doctor or Registered Nurse specialized in travel medicine.

travel health certificate

When travel prescriptions are required, we will arrange prescriptions for pick up.

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Our Registered Nurses will administer vaccines on-site within 72 hours of your consultation.

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We also administer vaccines non-specific to travel.  A Registered Nurse will come to your location to administer vaccines (eg.Shingles).

We are a Public Health Yellow Fever vaccine designated site.

Pre-travel Consultation

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  • A consultation is a 20 minute conversation with a nurse or doctor that specializes in travel medicine. The consultation is tailored to your itinerary and type of travel.
  • Vaccines will be recommended after reviewing your immunization and health history.
  • Preventative information is provided to ensure you stay healthy while you are travelling.
  • Digital resources are emailed for reference after the consultation.
  • If required, travel prescriptions for malaria, traveller’s diarrhea and altitude sickness can be arranged for you.

Due to COVID-19 safety, our pre-travel consultations are offered by telephone. Destinations with risk of yellow fever and/or malaria require a consultation.

Vaccination appointment at your location

If you require vaccinations a Registered Nurse will come to your location to administer vaccines. 

A vaccination booklet is provided to keep track of your vaccine history. We will remind you by email when booster vaccines are due. Yellow fever vaccine requires a consultation.

Mobile Concierge Service

COVID-19 Testing

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A PCR/NAAT COVID-19 test appointment can be arranged if it is required.  A Registered Nurse collects a COVID-19 sample by bilateral nasal swab. The sample is tested at an accredited laboratory for PCR/NAAT COVID-19 testing.

COVID-19 Test Results and Travel Documents

The test report is emailed to you when the results are available. If you are travelling, a health certificate is emailed with the lab report.  The health certificate states the type of test conducted and confirms the traveller has tested negative for COVID-19. 

We provide same day or next day PCR/NAAT test results.

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Group Vaccinations At Your Location

We can arrange a group vaccination clinic at your location (eg. Influenza, Hepatitis A and B).


TravelSafe Clinic follows strict precautions, as per the BC Ministry of Health,
to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 in our clinic and on-site at your location.

Registered Nurses use appropriate personal protective equipment and disinfectants.


covid testing vancouver

For further information or to arrange mobile concierge COVID-19 testing, vaccinations or a travel consultation, please email:

Our Mobile Concierge service is also offered in locations outside of downtown Vancouver. Please email your request and we will determine a plan that suits your needs.

Rates are available upon request. Please email for further information.