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Tips and Tricks for Women Travellers

Tips and Tricks for Women Travellers

You Go Girl!
Tips and Tricks for Women Travellers

While traveling with friends can be a blast, there is something singularly (pun intended) wonderful and meaningful about traveling alone. For one, you don’t have to compromise! You can go where you want, when you want–an incredibly liberating feeling, especially if you are used to traveling with your partner! Indeed, you don’t have to schlep along while your boyfriend or husband checks out the Chilli Dog Hall of Fame, or the Monster Truck Museum.


Before You Go Solo

Whatever your reasons, traveling by yourself can be a great way to experience new cultures, meet new friends and, perhaps, even reconnect on a spiritual level! However, before you head out solo, we’d like to ensure that you do so safely. We hope you find the following travel tips useful!


Safety in Numbers

One of the surest ways to stay safe while traveling alone is to find a woman with whom you can meet up with wherever you go. This is also a great way to connect with locals, learn more about their customs and find out where the non-tourist sights are! Meeting up another gal pal is easier now than ever thanks to the internet! The following sites are a great place to start connecting with other traveling women! Simply click on the links!


Spring for an International Phone Plan

These days international phone plans are much more reasonably priced than they were in the past. It’s definitely worth having, and will add a sense of security while you travel the globe! If you don’t want to pay for a whole plan, its best to pack some international phone cards with you.


When in Rome…

The reality is that you’ll stand out in some countries more than in others. Some cultures have very different attitudes about women’s attire than ours, so it’s important to do a little research before heading out for a day of sightseeing. While you may not mean to rock the boat, exposing certain body parts that in North America are considered modest can be considered highly inappropriate in other countries and possibly invite unwanted scrutiny and attention! Dressing like a local will also greatly reduce the possibility of being a target for pickpockets and swindlers.


Leave the Jewels at Home

This may seem obvious but often people are woefully unaware of their surroundings while traveling. For example, don’t flaunt your valuables while traveling. Leave the expensive jewelry at home. There really isn’t any good reason to bring it with you, as it will only make you a target for undesirables and increase your chances of losing it.


Stay Unplugged

Avoid listening to music with earbuds while sightseeing. It alerts thieves to the fact that you have a smartphone and also makes you less aware of your surroundings.


Body Language

When walking around, walk tall and with purpose. Keep your head held high and look people straight in the eye when they address you. This sends a message to potential undesirables that you are, as my friend says, “not the one!” Exuding confidence implies you are not a rookie traveler and you are not going to fall for easy scams or be tricked.


Go Forth!

We hope these solo travel tips were useful! Solo travel is full of joy and wonder, and with a little common sense and travel awareness, you’ll ensure that the overall experience is positive and safe!

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Love Around the World

Love Around the World

From Provence to Central Park

This past Valentine’s Day had us in a romantic mood, and it got us to thinking about the most swoon-worthy places in the world. We all have that one place–a particularly romantic far-flung spot that left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds. Perhaps it was a vacation with the “one that got away,” the “one you dodged,”or your current love.

Long Tables and Short Romances

I have particularly fond memories of a long-table dinner on an antiquated farm in Provence, France (buckets of Rosé!) and a sweet summer picnic in New York’s Central Park. While those exes have faded, the memories of those perfectly romantic al fresco moments are as clear and intact as ever.


Our Best Selves

There’s just something about travel and romance that go hand in hand. The setting, the cuisine, the lack of stress, the drinks–we’re often the best versions of ourselves when abroad (and tipsy)!


Every Day is Valentine’s Day

So, whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together forever, we thought we’d share our thoughts on some of the most romantic destinations in the world. It may just inspire you to infuse a little love into your travel! When you’re on vacation, every day can be Valentine’s Day!


Beautiful Bali

A tropical beach getaway is always a good recipe for romance (as long as you have a few months to get into bathing suit shape)! We suggest one of Bali’s best-kept secrets: Echo Beach. Located below a series of outcrops, this beach is secluded and a welcome respite from the crowded tourist beaches. Let romance bloom away from the masses.


In Brugge

If beaches aren’t your thing, we’d highly recommend the enchanted and fairytale-like Brugge. For those unfamiliar with Brugge, it’s in Belgium. You know, the place with the greatest chocolate in the world!


Cobblestones and Canals

Quite simply, Brugge was made for Romance. With its winding cobblestone streets, open public squares, picturesque houses and stunning architecture, there really is only one word that adequately describes this town–quaint.  To really amp up the romance factor, we suggest taking a boat ride through the canals and perhaps a romantic dinner for two at the famous De Karmeliet (make sure to reserve well in advance).


Endearing India

For those of you who are a bit more adventurous with your romance, you’ll want to consider Kerala, India! As if from out of a romantic Indian myth, cruise the picturesque Kerala backwaters from a luxurious and comfortable houseboat! The Taj Mahal isn’t the only romantic edifice in India!


Hotel Wailea, Maui,

Hawaii is an obvious choice for a romantic getaway, but if you really want to up your cupid game, we’d think you may want to look into Hotel Wailea! The Relais and Chateaux is a breathtaking romantic sanctuary set on 15 acres of gardens, 300 feet above sea level, boasting views of three islands. This place was built with romance in mind with its deep soaking tubs for two, private lanais, stream-side gazebo massages and so much more. Another perk? It’s an “adult only” hotel. We love kids, but let’s face it, nothing ruins the mood more than a screaming kid!


Share the Love!

There are so many more places we could mention, but we’d have to write a book! We’ll have to save the rest for next Valentine’s Day! If you have any romantic getaway locations you like to share, we’d love to hear about them!

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