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For Groups and Individuals

TravelSafe offers RT-PCR/NAAT and rapid antigen testing for asymptomatic groups and individuals for travel and occupational purposes.

Our team has been providing COVID-19 testing since July 2020.
Reliable and responsive service guaranteed


Results are sent within one hour of testing


NEXT day test result

Results are emailed the day after testing


SAME day test result

Appointments are booked 0800-1200pm M-F
Results sent before 6:00 pm the SAME day



COVID-19 Antibody Requisition
+ PCR with SAME day test result: $370.00
COVID-19 Antibody Requisition
+ PCR with NEXT day test result: $305.00



Issued to clients who receive
a positive test result
Letters are provided for travellers
who test with TravelSafe only


A Registered Nurse(s) will provide
testing at your location
Group Testing available
SAME day / NEXT day PCR testing available
Rapid antigen testing
Fee available upon request


Travel to Japan

There is no additional fee for completing the Japanese Ministry of Health, Certificate of Testing for COVID-19. We will send your Certificate of Testing with your lab report.

Rapid Antigen Testing

What is the difference between PCR/NAAT COVID-19 testing and rapid antigen testing?

Rapid antigen testing-travelsafe clinic

Rapid antigen testing is a technology that has been widely utilized to detect other viruses such as HIV. These tests provide similar results to tests that are carried out in laboratories. These tests create a chain reaction of chemicals to look for proteins related to the COVID‐19 virus and then either produce a positive or negative result depending on the presence or non‐presence of the proteins in the solution dripped onto the test strip. Test results are available in 25 minutes.

PCR testing identifies the presence or non‐presence of COVID‐19 virus proteins and gives you either a positive or negative result. These tests are conducted in a laboratory and take a chain reaction of chemicals to produce the results. This testing process is the gold standard of COVID-19 testing and can detect a small amount of virus. The test result takes a longer period of time than rapid antigen testing.


Nucleic Acid Amplification test (NAAT or PCR test) detects RNA specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 infection, after RNA has been extracted from a specimen and tested in a laboratory. This test has a high sensitivity and detects the virus when the virus is present. It is the gold standard of COVID-19 testing. A positive test result indicates a person likely has an active infection and can give the virus to others. The RT-PCR/NAAT test does not confirm if a client has COVID-19 antibodies (a history of COVID-19 disease in the past).

A registered nurse obtains a sample from both nostrils using a swab.  It is a painless and quick procedure.  The sample is sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis.

We offer SAME day or NEXT day RT-PCR test results. We will send your lab report and your health certificate as soon as it is available.

2-RT-PCR-NAAT Testing

Pre-travel COVID-19 Testing with Health Certificate

private covid testing

Certain destinations require a health certificate and negative RT-PCR/NAAT COVID-19 lab report. TravelSafe provides full travel medicine consultations to provide you with country specific entry requirements and other health and vaccination recommendations. If proof of a negative COVID-19 test is required, TravelSafe will conduct testing for travellers on-site in our travel immunization clinic. A signed health certificate and lab report are emailed to you when the test is available from the laboratory.

Border entry and airline requirements may differ and can change frequently.  Please check the current recommendations specific to your airline, destination, itinerary and vaccination history.

For further information or to arrange an appointment, please phone 604. 251-1975.

Travel to Japan
There is no additional fee for completing the Japanese Ministry of Health, Certificate of Testing for COVID-19. We will send your Certificate of Testing with your lab report.

COVID-19 Antibody Requisitions for Travel

How do I get the antibody test?
1. We will provide you with a lab requisition when you come to our clinic for COVID-19 PCR testing.
2. After your appointment in our clinic, you will take the requisition to Lifelabs and present it to them for the antibody (blood) test.

Lifelabs is located in our building on the second floor (Suite 290-2184 West Broadway). This location is closed on weekends.  You can visit any location you choose.

• You can make an appointment at LifeLabs in advance to avoid waiting.
• Only certain locations allow walking in without an appointment.

Antibody test results are available within 24 hours.

How do I get my results?
Your COVID-19 RT-PCR/NAAT test result, health certificate and antibody test result will be emailed to you.

private covid testing

On-Site COVID-19 Testing for Groups and Individuals

private covid testing

TravelSafe offers RT-PCR/NAAT and rapid antigen testing for asymptomatic employees and travellers at your location.  Employees and individuals exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 should follow the current BC Ministry of Health recommendations.  Individuals can also complete the BC Ministry of Health COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool for guidance.

TravelSafe Clinic provides:

• COVID-19 RT-PCR/NAAT (Real time Polymerase Chain Reaction/Nucleic Acid test) nasal swab testing and rapid antigen testing
• Review and interpretation of test results
• Follow-up and/or consultation by a TravelSafe health care professional (RN or physician) when required
• COVID-19 resources specific to your group

Please contact for further information about group testing.

COVID-19 Testing at TravelSafe

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Private COVID-19 testing, NAAT/PCR, antibody test Vancouver

Convenient on-line booking system can be accessed 24/7

travel health certificate

Our conscientious team follows up with every client to ensure your documents have been received

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TravelSafe Clinic has a certified driver on call when test results are required urgently

covid test appointment

We offer a mobile service that suits your schedule

Frequently asked questions

COVID-19 PCR testing

Rapid Antigen testing

COVID-19 Precautions in our Clinic

We follow strict precautions to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 disease.  Our administrative team wear surgical masks and frequently clean our clinic space. Our health care professionals wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure a safe and clean environment at your site and in our clinic as per the BC Ministry of Health recommendations.

Clients visiting our clinic are required to continue wearing a face mask, use hand sanitizer upon entry into our clinic and to cancel an appointment if you have signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  For the latest updates, please see COVID-19 preventative guidelines from the BC Ministry of Health.

To arrange an appointment please call 604. 251-1975 or book now.

Our telephone hours are M-F 9:00am-5:00pm. Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm. On Sundays our clinic is closed, and we check email intermittently.
Please contact
Appointment times are arranged to suit your schedule and may be booked outside the hours listed below.

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