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Video Consult FAQs


     How do I book a video consultation?

    Call 604-251-1975

    We will book two appointments: your video consultation, vaccine and prescription pick up appointment.


    What computer equipment do I need for a video consultation ?

    A desk top, lap top iphone or android device

    For IPhones or Androids

  • You just install a free app prior to your appointment time, Search Livecare ConnectM in your app store
  • Desktops and Laptops

  • Ensure Chrome is the default internet browser,
  • Ensure your computer has a camera, microphone and speakers
  • Stable wi-fi connection




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    How do I initiate my video consult?

    We will send you a video appointment confirmation email when you book your appointment.  Click the ‘join’ link in the appointment email.


    What happens if I miss my video consult ?

    Simply call 604. 251-1975 to book another appointment.  (There will be a cancellation fee if we aren’t notified 24h before your appointment)


    Do you need any medical records/info prior to the video consult?

    •    We will send a Client Intake Form attached to your appointment confirmation email. 

    •    We ask you complete page 1, scan and email it to Subject: video consult  in advance of your appointment.


    How long is the video consultation?

    For one person – 15-20 mins

    Two people – 30 mins

    Families 45 mins


    Will my consultation be private?

    •    Privacy is important! We provide video consultations in a private setting.  We recommend you are in a quiet and private area for your appointment.


    Will the consultation be recorded? (This response needs more detail)

    •    No the consultation will not be recorded.  The Canadian system we use is known to the College of Physicians and Surgeons and is secure. 


    Do I need to download a program (skype, etc…)

    •    Yes.  You will just need to install a free app on your iphone or android prior to your appointment time.  You will need to ensure Chrome is the default internet browser on your desk/laptop.  It is intuitive and simple.  We will send a cheat sheet with your confirmation email as well as a phone number to call if you have technical difficulties.


     How much does it cost?

    •    The video consultation is the same price as a face-to-face consultation. $45.00


     Is a video consultation as comprehensive as a face-to-face consult? 

    •    Yes.  You will receive the same information as a face-to-face consultation.  The only difference is you are in the convenient private setting of your own home or office.


    Can more than one person have a video consultation at a time?

    •    We recommend two people on the same itinerary for a video consultation, or parents seeking a consultation for themselves and their children


A consultation is required if you are travelling to a country with risk of yellow fever.

Please allow over an hour for your appointment.  We suggest you review our vaccine price list before your appointment.



Video and face-to-face Consultation fees:

Note: MSP does not cover travel related consultation and vaccines.
Single traveller $45.00 per person
single traveller, existing client (new destination) $40.00 per person
2 travellers $40.00 per person
3 travellers $35.00 per person
4 travellers $30.00 per person
5 or more travellers              TBD
School prep or immigration consultation fee $25.00
Vaccine booster appointment       price of vaccine only


A $20.00 vaccine administration fee will apply for certain vaccines


If you’d like, print your Client Intake Form here and complete all sections on page 1 (front) EXCLUDING immunization history – leave this section to us!

Download Client Intake Form here



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