Avoid the incidence of preventable illness and protect your current state of health.


Protect health

We believe in the value of avoiding the incidence of preventable illness and protecting clients’ current state of health.


Avoid illness

Avoid vaccine-preventable diseases at home, for work, school and travel.


Complete series

Complete your vaccines series, we will send you reminders to keep you on track.

Individuals who require vaccinations to protect their current health and require booster vaccinations:

prevention vaccinesHPV vaccine – for 20-45 years old
pertussis vaccinePertussis vaccine – for pregnant women, partners, family members, adults requiring a booster dose, health care providers
shingrix vaccineShingrix vaccine – for individuals 50+ years old
fluzone vaccineHigh-Dose Fluzone – 65+ years old
prevnar vaccinePrevnar 13 – for 50+ years old
vaccine seriesClients who need to complete their vaccine series’
  • Prevention
  • Prevention

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