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The Power of Pre-Travel Consultation

The Power of Pre-Travel Consultation

The Power of Pre-Travel Consultation


Should I Get a Pre-Travel Consultation?

The short answer is yes. There are many reasons why booking a pre-travel consult is a good idea. Whether you’re travelling abroad for pleasure or business, it’s always prudent to find out from a medical professional which vaccinations and immunizations you may require. Further to this, a pre-travel consult can help determine whether you’ll need additional immunizations before you head out on your trip.


Finger on the Pulse

A wonderful benefit of a pre-travel consultation is knowing that you’ll receive up-to-date, trustworthy information regarding potential health hazards in the region that you’ll be visiting. In this era of “fake news” and spurious websites purporting to provide valid information, knowing that you’ll be provided with accurate information in good faith is imperative for your health and safety.

There are particular potential risks specific to any region in the world, such as foodborne, waterborne, and bloodborne diseases. A pre-travel consultation will determine, quickly and efficiently, which vaccines/immunizations are appropriate for your trip. It’s easy to forget that certain diseases which don’t pose a health risk in Canada still exist in other parts of the world, which is all the more reason to consult with the experts. Some health risks in regions around the globe include:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Malaria
  • Cholera
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid


An Ounce of Prevention 

At TravelSafe, one of the most important aspects of pre-travel consultation is prevention. TravelSafe Clinic Owner, Penny Gleave, explains, “we believe foremost in the prevention of illness for our clients at home and abroad. As much as possible, it’s really about avoiding illness in the first place.”


Personal and Personalized

Another benefit to the pre-travel consultation is that it’s private and customized to you. When you meet with one of our medical professionals, you’ll want to provide information with regards to:

  • Trip schedule and duration
  • Purpose of travel
  • Activities during your trip (recreational and other)
  • Form of Travel (tour, independent, cruise etc…)
  • Transportation
  • Possibility of eating “exotic’ or “adventurous” food
  • Accommodation (hostel, camping, luxury hotel, beach resort etc…)

This information will help our medical professionals determine the specific health risks you may be exposed to during your trip, what you may require should you become ill, and perhaps most importantly, how you can avoid becoming ill before and during your trip.


Peace of Mind

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a pre-travel consultation is the peace of mind that you’ll have knowing your protected while on your trip. There are few things worse than contracting a disease or an illness while on vacation or during an important business trip, the effects of which can have devastating long-term effects. An easy, quick and pleasant pre-consultation can make all the difference in your life! It’s more than worth the minor inconvenience and small-time commitment for such a profound payoff. When it comes to your health, TravelSafe strongly believes in never cutting any corners.


Contact Us

Before you travel abroad, Penny and her team would love to conduct a pre-travel consultation with you! Simply call or email us today to book your appointment.



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High-Dose Fluzone Influenza vaccine for seniors – Better protection against the flu!

High-Dose Fluzone Influenza vaccine for seniors - Better protection against the flu!

Better protection against the flu!

The influenza season is upon us again.  We’re pleased to be able to offer the High-Dose Fluzone vaccine to our clients who are 65 years of age and older.  We’ve had great interest already from senior clients preparing their trips overseas.  Clients who are eligible often decide to receive the High-Dose Fluzone when they learn more about its benefits and how it differs from the public health vaccine that is covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

According to Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization, adults 65 years of age and older account for 15% of the Canadian population but experienced 70% of influenza-related hospitalizations and 91% of influenza-related deaths in 2014-2015.


What is the High-Dose Fluzone Influenza vaccine?

The Fluzone High-Dose vaccine is an inactivated trivalent influenza vaccine that contains four times the antigen content than the standard influenza vaccine formulation.  Antigens are the proteins contained in the vaccines that cause an immune response.  As we age there is a natural weakening of the immune system which causes older adults to become less responsive to the standard-dose influenza vaccine.  Fluzone High-Dose has been proven to be more efficacious in people 65 or older and provides a greater immune response than the MSP vaccine.


Who is recommended to receive the High-Dose Fluzone vaccine?

The vaccine is recommended for people 65 years of age and older.  This includes seniors who are fit and healthy, individuals who may have a chronic health condition(s) such as diabetes or heart disease, and for seniors who have immune-compromising conditions.

As we get older recovering from illness can take longer due to natural weakening of the immune response.  Those with chronic underlying diseases can experience worsening of their disease and healthy individuals can develop complications such as pneumonia.  Protecting your health and avoiding illness is important.  The High-Dose Fluzone vaccine can safely be administered to individuals with a history of a chronic illness.   Although Fluzone High-Dose is not offered for free as part of British Columbia’s influenza vaccine program, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends High-Dose Fluzone over the standard-dose vaccine because it is expected to be more effective.


How can I prevent Influenza?

Influenza can be avoided by receiving the Influenza vaccine every year, frequent hand washing, staying at home when you are sick, and coughing and sneezing into your shirt sleeve rather than in your hand.

The High-Dose Fluzone Influenza vaccine is not covered by MSP.  The vaccine is $60.00 + $20.00 vaccine administration fee.   You do not need a prescription from your family doctor to receive this vaccine.  You can call us to arrange an appointment  at (604)251-1975  or book an appointment online.


Before you travel, protect your health.

Travel Safely with TravelSafe Immunization Clinic