The Destination Wedding: Pragmatic or Romantic?

by TravelSafe Clinic

The Destination Wedding: Pragmatic or Romantic?

by TravelSafe Clinic

by TravelSafe Clinic

There are many reasons to have a destination wedding, ranging from the romantic to the purely pragmatic. Who can forget Seinfeld’s Elaine being invited to an ex’s wedding in India–a locale so far-flung that she considered it an “unvite,” suggesting that the bride and groom expected her to decline.

The Unvite?

However outlandish that episode was, there is a kernel of truth to the logic. For those that don’t want the pressure of inviting everyone they know to their wedding (your barista, the guy who cleaned your carpets etc…) a destination wedding is definitely a way to thin out the list of invitees, which allows you to celebrate your big day with only those people whom you wish to share it.

For the Romance

On a more romantic note, often people have visited a destination that has special meaning for them, and getting married there carries significance. Friends of ours, for instance, had a gorgeous dinner experience on an old farm in Provence. Eating al fresco, the sun setting over the valley, the goats wandering in the background, the carafes of Rose–they both knew right then and there that this is where they wanted to be married.

Whether you are the pragmatic or romantic type, if you are considering a destination wedding, the following will help!

Money Management

While destination weddings can be less expensive, it’s very important to keep track of your costs and stick to your budget, as it’s very easy to go over! Adding extra options, more luxurious digs, etc… can be tempting, but will come with a price tag!

Don’t Wait Until the last minute:

Planning a destination wedding has a lot of moving parts. It’s best to start looking for hotels as soon as possible, as availability will vary depending on when you plan to tie the knot. You’ll also want to give your wedding guests a minimum of four months notice, so they can make preparations well in advance of your big day.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Make sure to send out “save-the-date” cards as soon as you know where and when you’ll be married. To keep your guests up to date, it’s also a great idea to create a website that provides them with the following:

  • what to bring/pack
  • updates on the weather
  • link to events and activities that guests can enjoy during their stay
  • itinerary of events
  • nearby restaurants and cafes
  • activities for children
  • child care

Make your Guests Feel at Home

Don’t forget that those attending your wedding are “guests,” and it’s important that they feel cared for while at your wedding. Make sure that they receive a warm welcome. A great way to do that is to provide your guests with things like maps of the area, bottled water, snacks, some fun flip-flops to get around in.

Accessibility is Key

Make sure to find out if people will need special help at the wedding. This could be anything from a wheelchair to cribs for babies. Ensuring that your guests can get around freely and comfortably will go a long way to a successful wedding!

So, whether you are thinking of having a destination wedding to “unvite” certain people from attending, or just love the romance of the idea, we hope you find these tips helpful!

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