A step-by-step guide to TB skin testing and vaccines for your career!


Congratulations! It's exciting to be starting a new job or school program.  If you are required to have TB skin testing and vaccinations (shots) before you start work or school - We can help!


Where do I get my TB skin test and shots?

Call us to Book Now: 604 251-1975.

We are located in Pharmasave Kitsilano at the corner of West Broadway and Bayswater and in the Pharmasave on East Hastings and Garden.


We will make two appointments for you 48-72h apart.

  1. TB skin test + vaccinations (if required)
  2. TB read


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How much does it cost?

TB skin test only - $45.00

Vaccine assessment and administration, completion of paperwork, Lab requisitions  - $25.00


What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Vaccine history
  • Your school or work paperwork
  • BC Care Card (if you have one)



What if I don't know what shots I've had in the past?

  • Before your appointment, it is helpful if you call the walk in clinic, travel clinic, Public Health office, or Dr.'s office where you received shots in the past.
  • There isn't a computer file with your vaccine history.
  • Ask a relative who may have your records from when you were a child.
  • We will assist you if you can't find your vaccine records.



first appointment

At your first appointment, we will do the TB skin test, review your vaccine history, and give you a laboratory requisition if you need proof of immunity to certain diseases.

The vaccine(s) you receive depends on your school program (or employer) and your vaccine history.

Some of the vaccines that may be required:


Laboratory confirmation

We will give you a lab requisition if it is required by your school or employer.  On the back of the requisition are a list of labs where you can go to get a blood test.  We will call you when your blood test results are available and explain the results.  We will not leave your results on your voicemail.

At your second appointment – TB skin test read.  A Registered Nurse will look at your arm.  We will complete your paperwork.  If your TB skin test is positive, we will give you a requisition for a chest x ray.


How often do I need a TB skin test?

The frequency of TB skin testing requirements depends on your school or employer.


If my TB skin test is positive does this mean I have TB disease?

Please don't panic.  A positive result does not confirm you have the Tuberculosis infection but it is very important to have a chest x ray to make sure. We will complete a chest x ray requisition for you.


If I have a positive TB skin test will this affect my starting school or work?

Talk to your school admissions or employer to inform that you need a chest x ray.  It is not uncommon for TB skin tests to be positive.


How do I get a chest x ray?

Take the x ray requisition to a Lower Mainland Hospital x ray department (eg. St. Paul's Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Burnaby Hospital)

  • You do not need an appointment
  • If you do NOT have medical insurance you will have to pay for your chest x ray at a hospital.
  • After your chest x ray, you will receive a letter in the mail in 4-6 weeks from Tuberculosis (TB) Control with the results of your x ray.


If you do not receive your chest x ray results in the mail in 4-6 weeks, call:

TB Control - Vancouver Clinic - 655 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC tel. 604.707-2692

TB Control - New Westminster Clinic - 100-237 Columbia Street E, New Westminster, BC 604.707-2698


Why do I need a TB skin test? 

Tuberculosis is a serious disease that is spread from person to person when you breath in the TB bacteria from someone who has active TB disease.

Your school or employer needs to be sure that you do not have the Tuberculosis infection and cannot potentially spread the bacteria to people in your practicum and workplace if you developed TB disease.  It is also important that you receive medication for TB if you need it.


What is TB infection?

The infection occurs when you breathe in TB bacteria from someone who has TB disease.   The bacteria does not grow in your body.  People with the TB infection feel well and CANNOT spread TB bacteria to other people.

It is important if you have the TB infection that you are treated with medication to prevent 'active' TB disease.  The medication is provided free.


What is TB disease?

TB disease occurs when you breathe in the TB bacteria and it spreads to different parts of your body.  If it grows in your lungs you could spread the TB bacteria to other people.  This is active TB.


TB skin test at TravelSafe Clinic Vancouver

Careers in the following areas require TB skin testing and/or vaccines:

  • Early Childhood Education,
  • Practical Nursing,
  • Medical Office Assistant,
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Dental Assisting
  • Licensed Practical Nursing
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • lab technicians
  • Addictions and Community Services Worker
  • Housekeeping positions in hospitals and long term care facilities
  • Volunteering with children
  • Corrections
  • Nursing
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant

See further information about TB in other languages: Chinese  Korean, Spanish, French,  and Punjabi


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