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Tuberculosis Skin Testing

  • TB Skintest - $45.00
  • $25.00 school or application preparation fee may apply

We will prepare you for the next step in your career!

Required vaccinations administered on site

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We provide all your pre-travel needs:

  • Informative consultations with our experienced registered nurses and doctor

  • Vaccinations administered on site

  • Yellow Fever vaccine designated site

  • High quality travel supplies available for sale

  • Travel prescriptions arranged for pick up within 24 hours

Planning a trip?

Before you travel, book an appointment with the TravelSafe Immunization Clinic. We are here to help you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable travel experience.

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with up to date health recommendations so that you can fully enjoy the wonders of your destination with peace of mind.

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There are few things more glorious than a sun-soaked vacation. We Vancouverites spend a good 9 months of the year in less than tropical weather conditions, so we understand the desire to get out in the sun as much as humanly possible when on vacation.


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Let’s be honest, Vancouverites can get a little pasty looking over the winter months, and getting out in the sunshine is an opportunity to achieve a healthy glow. And that “just got back from Hawaii” look shows really well on Instagram! #nofilter!

There are, indeed, lots of positive effects to that ball of fire in the sky. For one, it’s warm! But it also synthesises vitamin D3 in the body, and enhances our mood and kills pathogens. So, yay for the sun!


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