TravelSafe Immunization Clinic Vancouver opening soon

TravelSafe Immunization Clinic

will prepare you for your upcoming trip for any destination and type of travel. We are located inside Pharmasave in

We provide all your pre-travel needs:

  • Informative consultations with our experienced registered     nurses and doctor
  • Vaccinations adminstered on site
  • Yellow Fever vaccine designated site
  • High quality travel supplies available for sale
  • Travel prescriptions arranged for pick up within 24 hours

Planning a trip?

Before you travel, book an appointment with the TravelSafe Immunization Clinic. We are here to help you have a safe, healthy and enjoyable travel experience.

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with up to date health recommendations so that you can fully enjoy the wonders of your destination with peace of mind.


TravelSafe Immunization Clinic Vancouver

About TravelSafe Immunization Clinic

TravelSafe is located:
Inside Pharmasave in Hastings-Sunrise
101-2280 East Hastings Street

Check in at front cash or pharmacy to notify of your arrival and go to the seating area where a consultant will find you. 

TravelSafe Immunization Clinic (TSIC) is a full service travel clinic providing vaccines and comprehensive health advice to travellers bound for international destinations.

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Getting ready to travel?

Please bring:

  • Care card
  • Immunization history
  • List of current medications
  • Details of travel itinerary
  • List of medications
  • Allergy information

Arrive ten minutes before appointment to complete paperwork. Allow an hour or more for consultation, immunizations and waiting time after vaccines.

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TravelSafe Immunization Clinic Services

Each appointment includes a consultation with a travel medicine professional who will counsel on the health risks associated with your travel destination.

Vaccines are usually given in the same appointment, following the consultation.  Return appointments will be made for vaccines requiring booster doses.

The TravelSafe medical team is dedicated to preparing you for a safe and healthy trip.


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Purchasing Medication Overseas
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counterfeit medications

It has come to our attention more than once this past month that some travellers are planning to purchase their malaria and travellers diarrhea medications overseas.  While this may seem like an excellent way to save some money, you don’t always know what you’re buying.


Counterfeit and substandard drugs are a problem in every region of the world.  According to the World Health Organization, countries of low and middle income, areas of conflict and weak or non-existent health systems are at highest risk for substandard and counterfeit medications and anti-malarial medication and antibiotics are two of the most commonly reported counterfeit medications.   The appearance of the false medication and its packaging can be very difficult to decipher from a legitimate manufacturer.


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Before you travel, protect your health.

TravelSafely with TravelSafe Immunization Clinic